Coronavirus Update

Our First Opportunity To Serve Others During This Coronavirus Outbreak

Our neighbors, who are literally just a stones throw away from our building, are on quarantine. Their staff is looking for creative ways to entertain the residents when weather permits. We are going to help by providing:
Kites, seeds, butterfly nets, bubbles, bubble machines, butterfly gardens and rocks to a paint. 
Drop off will be at the front parking lot of our building this Sunday at Noon. This is just one small way we can be the church. Please email to let us know if you will be participating. If you are not part of our church but would like to participate, we’d love to partner with you in this.



Hello everyone, 

In a recent series, we spent our time learning how the Lord works so we can better trust Him when we don’t see Him working. Well, right now I ask - how is your faith? How is your trust? What is your perspective on all this?  And I’m asking the same of myself. Now is a time (as it is always) to press in to Him, to seek Him and love, serve and encourage others. My hope is that you know full well He is working and have confidence in Him in a growing way. If you are struggling, we have people that would love to speak to you to encourage you or, at the very least, be a listening ear. It is important to know, the greater the struggle for us, the greater the opportunities that show themselves.

--No physical gathering for a while but we will continue to provide a way to “gather” on Sundays online. And as we saw last Sunday, these ways are easily shared with others. In fact, last Sunday, there were quite a few people who caught the music and sermon online who have not ever joined us on a Sunday. There are opportunities everywhere, especially in times of crisis. If you are not on facebook, now would be a good time to sign on (ask if you are not sure how to) because we will utilize this tool in a lot of good and helpful ways. Be sure to like our church page. If you do not have a RightNow Media account, please let me know because this is a wonderful and amazing tool we’ll be using as well.

--Leaders are working on ways we can provide resources (for all ages) to help you grow during this time along with resources to help us navigate this place we find ourselves in.  

-We will be reaching out to the families of our church for ways we can specifically pray for you. 

-Also, let’s be a people of prayer. We ask you to pray for each other, for our church leadership, our communities, state and country. 

-The Women’s Event is postponed.

We will be in touch but don’t hesitate to reach out to others who are part of our church (and beyond, of course). This is an opportunity to grow into is something we discuss all the time - being the church beyond the building. And, as you might have heard, we already have an opportunity to serve others (below). This is a wonderful opportunity so let’s take hold of it. 


Our neighbors, who are literally just a stones throw away from our building, are on quarantine. Their staff is looking for creative ways to entertain the residents when weather permits. We are going to help by providing:

Kites, seeds, butterfly nets, bubbles, bubble machines, butterfly gardens and rocks to a paint. 

Drop off will be at the front parking lot of our building this Sunday at Noon (though there is a possibility we will all drive from the parking lot together and just drop off at the front door of Founders since it is literally just steps away. This is just one small way we can be the church. Please email to let us know if you will be participating. There will be final details sent to those who sign up. #fortheirSTORY #foryourSTORY

Alongside you, 




Hello everyone, 
This has been a pretty unique week. We started the week knowing we had to address the Coronavirus situation but it has steamrolled into so many different things and with so many moving parts. 
I’ve been in touch with other local pastors, with other leaders from our church and people within our church and we have made a change for this Sunday (tomorrow). 
We will still have music and a sermon live and we even have a group that will definitely still be coming up. But, we want to provide another option. We will be streaming the music and sermon on Facebook live starting at 10:00 am for those who can’t be here (out of town or sick) or because of all that is happening with the Coronavirus. This will be our first time doing this so it is a bit of a test run as well. So, you now have these two options and we will be in touch in the days to come concerning what is coming up as more and more information becomes available. 
By the way, don’t miss tomorrow - however you take part. It’s going to be something special. 
If you want to see the letter I put out earlier in the week, you can click here.
While this change is not reflected, there is still important information in there. 
Thank you!



You can’t go very long without hearing or seeing something about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In my family it has been no different. There has been everything from “Is this being blown way out of proportion?” to my kids gleefully chanting “Corona! Corona!” when they found out they had another week off of school (sure this lacks perspective but it was funny). Because I know there are some questions and even some concerns surrounding this, I’m sending this out to address some of these. The other Directors (Vince, Kerry and Jazen) helped initiate a needed response as well. At this point, we do not see a great impact in our communities but it is good to get ahead of this now. One thing I’d like to say in advance, for those who believe, our response should be loving, wise and not driven by fear or by giving out information that is untrue, biased or slanted.

THE BOTTOM LINEWe will be gathering this Sunday and I’m thrilled about what we have planned. As you’ve seen with our current “Great STORIES” series, the Lord has uniquely worked in the lives of people who are part of our church. This Sunday, it will be no different. We will take extra precautions and ask you to do the same (covered below). Included below is information (with some edits) I gained through local pastor and friend, Jeff Denton, who has met with Collin County officials. You’ll see where this applies by looking for - *****. This being said, we are considering those circumstances that would cause us to not meet and steps we’d take if that were to happen. 

THE REACTION - Much of this feels unprecedented in recent memory with the shutting down of sports, schools and other large events. Of course, social media has not been silent. With this, we’ve not been able to escape political posts concerning this virus. As is common, stuff is put out that agrees with the side they agree with and disagrees with the side they disagree with (the comments follow suit). The Media has been all over this and it has raised the question whether the response has been appropriate, overblown or even agenda-driven. What we can know is that we want to have an appropriate response for our families and our church. 

THE REALITY AND THE INFORMATION - Before giving some information from County Officials, I’d like to say that there might very well be some level of overblowing of this situation (though many would disagree on who is responsible for this). This being said, you’ll notice that a lot of solutions are things we should apply every day. The washing of hands and staying away from others when we or our children have been sick should be no-brainers. This is also true about thinking about the impact beyond ourselves toward others. 

 *****As this virus spreads through communities, it is likely our church will be impacted by it. Based on data from the spread in other countries, it’s expected that approximately 80% of our population may become infected with this Coronavirus. Of those who get this virus, approximately 50% may not even notice symptoms. 85% of those infected will heal with no medical intervention. In other words, for the vast majority of those infected with COVID-19 most will heal from it with minimal impact. However, persons with underlying health issues, compromised immune systems or over 60 years old are more at risk from this virus. This is the population we must protect during this pandemic. For this reason, in accordance with CDC suggestions we recommend individuals who fall within these “at-risk” designations or families with members within those designations avoid large group activities where exposure to infected persons could occur. This may even include church activities. 

THE COMMON SENSE STEPS -This first step is in place at all times, it is “others-centered” and common courtesy. A child should be fever-free for more than 24 hours (without any med assistance) to participate in children’s activities. 

-If you have fever, stay home and get better.

-I will be going through extra cleaning measures in advance of our Sunday Gathering. 

-Just to be on the safe side, let’s not shake hands or hug. While most of us might not worry about this, we don’t want to put another person in an uncomfortable situation by initiating something they might not want but would feel awkward turning down. As someone known as a “non-hugger” I suppose I’ve been preparing for this for years - ha!

-Our building has restrooms with sinks and soap, please feel free to wash your hands as much as you’d like. It would also be wise to wash (for at least 20 seconds) upon arrival and when leaving. 

-We will have hand-sanitizer readily available. If you have any extra at your house that you’d like to donate, please let me know and I’ll let you know if we are still in need of them.

-Where possible, doors will be propped open at all times so people don’t have to open and close them. 

If you have traveled to areas of concern (high and growing Coronavirus) please self-quarantine for two weeks. 

*****ARE WE MAKING TOO BIG A DEAL OUT OF THIS VIRUS? - Note: Some of this is mentioned above but it is worth repeating. I’ve seen plenty of bad information as this crisis has developed. Christians can often be the worst culprits of spreading inaccurate details, even if it comes from a place of genuine concern. At the health briefing today, I listened to epidemiologists explain the details that make this such a public health concern. It has spread more rapidly than flu during a typical season. This virus wasn’t around until 90 days ago and is already a worldwide pandemic. It is statistically safe for 85% of the population. Most will survive infection with minimal or no medical intervention. But, for the vulnerable population, there is reason to be concerned and the impact there can be high. The recommendation of the CDC for people in the high-risk category is to “avoid crowds, especially in poorly ventilated spaces. Your risk of exposure to respiratory viruses like COVID-19 may increase in crowded, closed-in settings with little air circulation if there are people in the crowd who are sick.” They define high risk persons as:

-Older adults (60+) - Please note that it wasn’t me (Ray) who said that someone over 60 is “older.”

-People who have serious chronic medical conditions like: Heart disease. Diabetes. Lung disease

The rapid spread has been overwhelming medical personnel and facilities in many countries. Medical professionals cannot stop treating cancer patients, heart attack victims, injuries from car accidents, and so on. The purpose is not to pretend to contain the infection, but to control the community spread. Slowing the number of patients to a manageable number helps increase survival rate among vulnerable populations.

The call of the Christian is to always be concerned about the lives of those who are vulnerable. Whether an unborn child, a mom undergoing chemo, or a senior adult with limited lung capacity, every life is valuable. Please don’t argue against protecting comparable “percentages” of the population. COVID-19 appears to be transferred by droplet, not dry airborne. It doesn’t absorb through your skin, but enters through the mouth, nose and eyes. This is why there are pleas from the medical community to refrain from touching your face.

Researchers tell us there is much unknown about COVID-19. They have yet to definitively answer whether it will fade out at the end of the typical flu season. Most viruses do begin to diminish as warm weather emerges. However, this virus has been expanding rapidly in some warm weather climates.

There isn’t a cure. Scientists are working furiously around the world to develop a treatment or vaccine. Tests for COVID-19 have been slow to arrive because there’s typically a long development process for such tests.

These unknowns and quick changes aren’t conspiracies. There are epidemiologists in local, federal and global health departments who spend every day working on answers to these kinds of problems. They are working, including in Collin County, to get these answers as quickly as they can.

GIVING - Let’s be ready to continue to give. As a smaller church, let us remember we are continuing to walk in faith as we continue to meet in the space the Lord blessed us with in wonderful ways. As a church, if those entrusted to give do not do so, we’ll not have enough to cover our expenses, let alone be willing to help people where needed. We are called to tithe and give offerings above and beyond. Let’s be consistent and faithful as it helps us grow in faith and we are also being counted on as a member of the Body of Christ. 

FOR THE CHRIST-FOLLOWER - This virus is a good time to evaluate ourselves. For those who believe, our response should be driven by faith, love, grace and as mentioned above without fear. Hundreds of times, the scriptures tell us we have nothing to fear because, among other reasons, we have a God who is far bigger than anything we can face. This is a reality we can grow more and more into over time. It is this lack of fear that causes people to risk their lives for their faith, to reach out to the unreachable, to give beyond measure and to serve others at their own personal risk. At this time, regardless of the causes, there are some who will likely get sick and when this happens, the Christ-follower steps in to serve and help. Where stoppages of work happen, there could be difficulty making ends meet. Again, it is where we are to step in and help one another. If either of these things happen, please contact me and we will see if there are ways to help meet these needs as a church. That is just what we are supposed to do. 

So, in  some ways this situation is like all others so let’s do as the scriptures tell us in Ephesians 5 - let’s make the best use of the time. God desires to use all things for our growth, so let’s continue to seek and follow Him. If you have extra time with your families, use it well and cherish it. If you have more personal time on your hands, perhaps you can dive into the scriptures.  To close, let’s be wise, let’s be faithful, let’s be the church!


Alongside you, 

Ray Miranda

Pastor Serving The STORY Church


Psalm 116:1-2