If you are not part of The STORY you've missed out on the big news. The STORY has been together for about 12 years with more stories and more blessings than we could count. A process over the last 3-4 months has led to a big decision. We are becoming part of Chase Oaks Church - Woodbridge. Our pastor, Ray Miranda will be on staff as the Adult Ministry Pastor. You are invited to join us to be part of this great church. 

The STORY happens in connection with the Lord an with others. Get connected! To sign up or if you have questions, email Ray at 



We're going to bring a few cars/trucks and hangout with the residents and staff at Founders Plaza. CARE WILL BE TAKEN as we will wear masks and remain 6-ft from the residents/staff as they requested.
As of this Summer, we started getting out of the building on Sunday mornings regularly. We've done a park clean up, a Live Food Drive and now this will be our next opportunity. If you have an old classic vehicle or if you would just like to join us - come on! Text me at 214-934-3894 for more info.


17 - 3-week Sunday Night Group - Click Here For Focus Details!











Have questions about The STORY? Wondering how to get connected or more involved? We'd love to help. No matter where you are in life or how many times you've visited our Sunday Gathering, we're here to guide you toward your next best step. Join us for our next step gathering and learn what it means to to be part of The STORY. Our next opportunity will be Sunday, November 14 after our church gathering (11:30-12:30). Contact to sign up.

Please email to inquire about our groups (Young Adult, Men's, Women's, Sunday Night (All Adult)